Have you ever wondered what happens to our four legged heroes after the call of duty?

When released from the department, if the K9 is fortunate enough, they are usually adopted into the family of its law enforcement partner.  This transition comes with added financial obligations and the creation of new family dynamics. On the other hand, if for some reason they cannot live with their partner, they will try to be place with a suitable family but given the K9’s background, this may be a challenge.

There is no financial compensation set aside for their retirement.  Besides basic necessities such as food and shelter, one of the biggest financial burden is ongoing medical care in which the K9 incurs due to their natural aging conditions mixed with injuries sustained from their working years.

Is there a budget for the K9 unit?

The K9 unit is a specialized unit within a law enforcement agency.   Their budget pertains to active duty K9s and typically consists of funds that come from the department, are raised by the handlers or donated by outside sources.  Depending on the unit’s needs, finances may be at a minimum in order to be operational.