K9 Apollo

Apollo worked for the Chula Vista Police Department for approximately 5 years.  Apollo used his nose to detect over 1,700 pounds of marijuana, over 5 pounds of meth, a 1/2 pound of cocaine and over $100,000.00 in U.S. currency. He also got 2 apprehensions and over a hundred non-contact apprehensions.

K9 Apollo was getting ready to retire when an old injury started to manifest. Apollo suffers from a compressed disc in his neck.  Apollo’s veterinarian recommended seeing a neurologist and mentioned that a cat scan or MRI would most likely be needed.  The department would not pick up this cost due to the fact he was going to retire.

Apollo’s handler Office Meyers reached out to SoCal K9 Foundation to see if we could provide any financial relief.  Officer Meyers was afraid that he would have to resort to putting Apollo down because he would not be able to provide the necessary medical care Apollo needs and give him the quality of life he deserves. 

SoCal K9 Foundation was able to arrange and take care of the cost for a consultation with a neurologist. THE RESULT: K9 Apollo did not need surgery or cat scan at this time.  Eventually down the road, Apollo will most likely would require these procedures but in the meantime they will just continue to monitor him and restrict his activities.

SoCal K9 Foundation’s mission is to create awareness while raising funds to provide financial support to retired and active law enforcement K9s.

It was our mission and YOUR donations that made it possible to provide K9 Apollo’s family with some financial relief.